• Revealing my financial accounts

    I’ve been wanting to talk about this for about a year now. This is going to be a bit more dense than some of my other writing and will have an accompanying YouTube video at some point. Let’s get to it…

    Near the early stages of my financial independence journey (which I am still on), I had a problem. I was not able to put a large enough percentage of my income towards investments, and I didn’t even know how much I could afford or was currently putting towards it. I didn’t really even know how much total income I made and exactly where it went. This financial account structure was my solution to this problem.

  • Change my mind, the culture of closed minds

    I was having a conversation with Kimmy the other day. We were talking about religion, politics, and all the other fun stuff you talk about on a month long RV trip. That conversation got me going down what I thought was an interesting train of thought. I jotted this thought down to explore further, and here we are.

    For some context, there is a meme that’s gone around for a bit now. It’s the “Change My Mind” meme that you saw on the cover photo for this post. You’ll see it go around with a lot of different things. I have to admit, I’ve laughed at many of these, and they are designed to mock the hard-headedness of people that hold some of these opinions in the memes. That can be funny, but it also concerns me.

  • My goals are everything to me

    Work life balance… Now there’s a hot topic that I have some opinions on. Let’s talk about this.

    In recent years it’s been almost villainized to want to work as hard as you can. “Your work life balance is off” they say. Since when did we assume as a society that work was this evil thing that we wanted nothing to do with? I love working. It’s very common that you’ll hear me on a Friday groaning about the fact that it’s the end of the week, much like you’d hear most groaning on Sunday about the end of the weekend.

  • What a year it's been...

    It has been quite the year. We’ve seen the acceleration of a global pandemic, a market crash, I’ve had to move out of my house for lead based paint, my dog passed away. I mean, it’s really been a year.

  • Just a little break, sort of

    I didn’t trade yesterday. I just wasn’t really feeling it, and I have a similar feeling today. I have a lot of projects going on right now, including a side-project I’m really excited about right now and my success hasn’t been great in the markets.

  • A very slight win

    Gold ripped over night. The ES doesn’t look like it dumped accordingly so there might be some correction in store for one of the two. Right now I’m watching MGC to see if it breaks a new high. I will probably take a short position at the new high.

  • A boring day

    The first trading day of the week is always hard, it’s like coming back to the gym after a week off. I’m starting today out by review the last few entries here. What I’m reminding myself of is:

  • I made more than yesterday

    Yesterday wasn’t great. So, I’m going to start today with a review of what I don’t want to keep doing from yesterday. First, let’s just be in one trade at a time. Second, let’s be OK with some larger stops if they are required to prove the trade idea is invalid.

  • I guess I learned some things

    Well, I didn’t forget about trading today. The markets dumped last night, it looks like the Coronavirus continues to move these markets in dramatic ways. GC is sitting right in the middle of a resistance band and is likely in a good place for a short just above 1577. ES is also sitting in a support band, possibly confirming this trade on GC. It depends on whether the markets will see more downside today or not. We’d be looking at a short below 3355 on ES if they do.

  • Just missed it

    I’m already off to a weird start. I sorta forgot to get into trading this morning, I got focused on other projects (like the replacement for this blog). But, here I am, ready to go at 6 am. I’m trying not to rush my analysis, it looks like the ES is still pushing us and made a new ATH and sitting in a decent possible short-range right now. GC is hovering right above a support range which could confirm the ES short.

  • Well, that was anti-climatic

    Let’s start today with my analysis of the instruments I’m watching. It looks like the ES made a new ATH (all-time-high), which is becoming an everyday thing at this point. GC (gold) is also sitting right between some supply and demand areas (1577–1568). What I’m going to be watching for is for ES to push back up to the ATH and grab a short entry at slightly above the ATH (probably around 3365). I’m also watching for a short entry on GC around 1577 (again).

  • Gold, Gold, and more Gold

    Welcome! It’s probably best to start with a little context. I’ve been learning to day trade for around 6 months now. I’ve primarily focused on the futures market this time around. Within the futures market, though, I’ve bounced from natural gas to gold to ES to crude oil, and have since settled heavily into ES. More specifically into MES, which is the micro version and enables me to keep my risk very small.

  • Go ahead… read my journal.

    For about the last 6 months I’ve been trying to learn how to day trade in the futures market. I’ve had periods where I spend full days trading and times when I only trade for 30 minutes. I’ve yet to become profitable though.

  • It’s time for me to go. Why I’m leaving my company.

    I have been working on building Green Bits for the last five years. I founded it with a couple of friends on my journey to starting a “start-up” and becoming a “start-up CTO”.

  • It’s not their job to “respect your time”, it’s YOURS!

    I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year working on optimizing my own time. Yea, it’s a little meta, but I have. In the world we live in with Slack, SMS, Twitter, Email, and all the other dings and pings and notifications of all sounds, how can anyone get anything done?

  • I quit… (being the CTO of my company)

    The purpose of this post is two-fold

    1. I want to explain to my coworkers why I’ve made this decision and
    2. To show those of you who “follow” me (Instagram, Medium, YouTube, etc.) that taking what the world views as a “step backwards” isn’t really a step backwards.
  • I'm 30 now.

    This is the first time a birthday of mine has really felt different. I’ve been chewing on this birthday for weeks now. I feel like it’s a real turning point for me. I feel like practice time is over and it’s time to get on it. I think one of the biggest things that’s been bothering me is the simple fact that I just said that practice time is over. I’m frustrated and annoyed with myself for not going all in on my 30 years so far.

  • 18 hours in a day, 6 hours of sleep. Everyday.

    This is by far the best place to start to actually pull of what you are trying to get done. I’ve recently made massive shifts to my daily schedule and this was a key to the restructuring. I was… This is by far the best place to start to actually pull of what you are trying to get done. I’ve recently made massive shifts to my daily schedule and this was a key to the restructuring.

  • Why don’t I have a “dream”?

    So I’ve been contemplating about life a lot lately. Primarily, after consuming much of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content, I’ve led myself down a path of figuring out what my “dream” is. I spent a lot of time… So I’ve been contemplating about life a lot lately. Primarily, after consuming much of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content, I’ve led myself down a path of figuring out what my “dream” is. I spent a lot of time making things up like “be my own boss”, “be rich”, or “never have to work again”. Most of these I found though weren’t me, they were regurgitations of “The American Dream”, or what I thought people would expect to hear.