Recently my business partner Justin, re-sent me a newsletter that he know's I already receive. I had been putting off going through it for one reason or another, but the bump he gave me got me through it.

The newsletter was from Nick Huber about his recent trip to spend time with a bunch of multi-millionaires and his thoughts after. There is some powerful stuff in here.

This is my response to Justin:

Yes I do get these, but thanks for the bump because I've been putting off reading it.

A few of my takeaways:

Others discussed a constant fear throughout their career that they weren't worthy or didn't have what it took and just general insecurity.
I love hearing this. Over and over and over again I get this feeling. It takes a lot to remember that you aren't the only one.

Very few of them started new, groundbreaking businesses.
In the tech world this isn't obvious. You have to go from "0 to 1". Create something new. Create something no one has thought of before. But every success I've had has been an iteration on something that already existed.

Very few of them drank alcohol - and none drank a lot
This is another re-assuring statement. Given my recent decision to cut this from my own life. I've definitely felt better and been better from that decision.

A lot of work, a lot of time
Some one like Nick reflecting on the fact that he doesn't believe he is putting in as much as he could be makes me think... I wonder the same. Am I putting in what I can?