I use a lot of gear and tools to make my content and run my businesses. This is a collection of all the gear and tools that I use or have used and can highly recommend.

Finance Tools

M1 Finance My favorite brokerage to automate your investing and gives you access to an amazing credit line.
Robinhood I use Robinhood for simple day/swing trades and options trades.
WeBull I use WeBull for more in depth stock analysis on the go.
LendingClub The loan I got to pay off my credit card debt. They gave me a great rate and made it simple to get my debt in order.
YNAB The best budgetting tool I've used. This tool makes it so I am NEVER worried about paying a bill.
BlockFi The highest earning savings account I've found that give you 8+% on stablecoin crypto.
Coinbase My current primary cypto wallet, makes it very easy to buy and trade crypto.
Gemini A new wallet I've been using, they have much lower fees than coinbase for purchases.

YouTube Gear

Lumix GH4 An older camera, but still just as great today. I film every one of my videos on this.
Lumix 12-35mm Lens The only lens you need with the GH4, it'll shoot wide and tight. This is the only lens I own.
RODE VideoMicro Microphone A small an high quality microphone, no need for batteries. This thing is my go to for crisp audio.
Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Microphone The microphone I use for my podcast or very echo-y rooms. Great quality for the price.
Hoya Variable ND Filter When I'm shooting outside this is always on my camera to keep getting nice smooth footage.
Peak Design Everyday Backpack Fit a whole YouTube studio in this bag... I used to do that everyday and commute with it.
Peak Design Everyday Sling When I'm travelling with my camera, this is what it's in. Space to fit filters, a mic, and my camera.
LaCie 4TB Hard Drive This is what I trust to house all my footage, it's holding 2 years of YouTube content right now.
Status Audio CB-1 Headphones My favorite all day work and editing headphones.
Epidemic Sound I use this for all of my music and sound effects. They have an amazing library of unique music and all the SFX you could need.
Adobe Premiere Pro I edit every video with this and love it. It enables me to edit amazing quickly.
Adobe Lightroom Classic Every photo I've ever taken and thumbnail has been editted with this.
Great Cheap Light Great cheap entry level light for YouTube.
Light Stand The light stand I've used for my background light for years.


Atomic Habits How to make and break habits. This has been massively impactful for me to finally wake up early and work out.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad Changed my entire perspective on personal finance and how to look at assets.
The 10X Rule Generally a great mindset to have, focus on the things you can control, and do more than you think you need.
The Book on Rental Property Investing Great introduction to rental real estate investing, and easy to read.
It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work It really doesn't, this really changed the way I view being a boss.
The 4-Hour Workweek Changed the way I look at time and money and their relationship to each other.

Business Software

Wave Accounting Simple and free accounting software that I use for every business I run.

Everyday Carry Kit

Field Notes Notebook Always have paper and a pen for jotting down notes, giving our your number, or distracting your kid.
Fisher Space Pen The smallest pen I could find that always works and is easy to write with.
CRKT Pilar Knife The knife i carry every single day.
Hatori Super Small Flashlight You'd be surprised how often you can use a flashlight. I carry one everyday.

Some of the links above are affiliate links.