Here we are...

Well here we are...

In a blog. One I haven't written in for years.

One you've never read.

Because if you had, you surely wouldn't be back...

So why continue reading?

I don't know. Maybe you find my journey interesting. Maybe you enjoy laughing at my struggles...

Either way, we are both here.

I've worked on building businesses that help small business owners my entire career. Some of them I joined early on. Some of them I've founded.

My last company ended up selling which gave me the luxury of spending a lot of time finding my next thing. It also gave me time to figure out what I want to start writing about.

I mostly post on Twitter. I post about the struggles building my current business. I post about finance. I post about my complaints with Chipotle.

What will I post on my blog? I don't know maybe more of the same.

Either way, my goal is to document my journey from $10m in net worth to $100m in net worth. I want to talk about the things I learned in my journey from -$100,000 in net worth to now. I want to help a few people reach financial independence along the way.

I doubt you actually read this far, but if you did... I appreciate it.