It has been quite the year. We’ve seen the acceleration of a global pandemic, a market crash, I’ve had to move out of my house for lead based paint, my dog passed away. I mean, it’s really been a year.

That’s a lot of really bad stuff. It’d be really easy to look at all those things and just want to throw in the towel on 2020. Just give up… Give up, what is that really? If my four-year-old was to ask me what “giving up” meant, how would I describe it?

I think I’d describe it as admitting that it’s too hard to continuing down your path. I’d describe it as changing direction away from something you really want. I would describe it as failing.

I don’t like failing. I like learning, but giving up is not learning. It’s throwing your hands up and walking away. How can I learn and move forward from what this year has dealt out so far? Let me look at what’s gone well so far, and maybe there is some insight in there.

First, I bought a new house. That’s always a good thing right? I incorporated my business with my business partner to set the stage for real estate investing (I even made a few offers). I bought an RV, which is not something I would’ve ever bought, or even thought I wanted, but it has been the experience of a lifetime.

It’s hard for me, especially in the moment, to look at the good in the bad. But when I do I find that there is generally something there. Even as I write this post I’m stewing in my head about an opportunity to be a partner in a business that has gone completely sideways of how I thought it’d go. When I look at the surface, all my work the last year has been wasted, I’m continually unable to get the position in a business I’m looking for, I could go on… But, when I look deeper I have to see the good, albeit as I type this I fail to see how it’ll change things. Here it goes anyways.

I’ve been putting in so much effort to get the opportunity to actually work on this project for years now. If I lean on my natural over-trusting self, then what I wanted out of the offer to join the business will be there. Lastly, I’d be able to work on something with meaning, which is not something I’ve done a lot of lately.

What am I going to do? I have no idea, maybe writing this down helped me figure it out in some way. I know it at least forced me to look at the good so I can accurately balance things, and that’s all I’d tell my son to do when he thinks things are too hard. Step back, look at all the pieces as objectively as possible, and then make a course correction. When done this way I don’t believe it’s giving up, it altering course, you are no longer turning around and starting over, but adjusting based on what you’ve learned.

Good luck on your path this year, and remember to adjust course, don’t just give up.