Gold ripped over night. The ES doesn’t look like it dumped accordingly so there might be some correction in store for one of the two. Right now I’m watching MGC to see if it breaks a new high. I will probably take a short position at the new high.

5:23 am Entering a short on MGC @ 1612.7 with a stop @ 1613.2.

5:30 am Quick move down, I moved my stop to 1612.2 and was stopped out.

5:39 am MGC broke a slightly new high for the day, and many of the orders above the level have been pulled leading me to believe we will continue to see a push up on MGC.

5:59 am MGC broke new highs again, and is now hanging around it’s ATH (All time high). The MES isn’t really moving this morning. I’ve won today and think I’m going to call it.

I feel like I did a decent job of grabbing profits from the move down on MGC, without getting too greedy or postentially cutting profits short. I definitely felt a feeling of fear entering another trade after since it was a win in a long streak of losers.

I have to continue working and continue learning. I have no idea where this is going to take me this year, but am hopeful.