I’m already off to a weird start. I sorta forgot to get into trading this morning, I got focused on other projects (like the replacement for this blog). But, here I am, ready to go at 6 am. I’m trying not to rush my analysis, it looks like the ES is still pushing us and made a new ATH and sitting in a decent possible short-range right now. GC is hovering right above a support range which could confirm the ES short.

[6:14 am] I entered a short at 3370.5 with a stop at 3371.50 on the MES. I’m looking for a profit target at 3366.75 which was the top of yesterday’s opening range.

[6:18 am] The charts are looking like I entered early, GC is pushing down, CL, ES, and NQ are looking up. Also, my kid is screaming so I have to step away and just see what happens.

[6:35 am] it looks like it ticked up enough to trigger my stop. I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to trade more today or not.

Here I am watching things at about 10 till 8 am and it’s broken to the downside about 1 point above my profit target. It feels good when I make the right call, it just didn’t happen in my timeframe today.

We’ll mark the red day on the books with a smaller loss than yesterday’s gain (I really need to stop thinking about previous gains and losses). I entered at my called out levels and was patient through them. Unfortunately, I had to leave the desk during the trade and the markets moved during the times I can’t trade, such is trading.