I have been working on building Green Bits for the last five years. I founded it with a couple of friends on my journey to starting a “start-up” and becoming a “start-up CTO”.

I have learned a ton over the last five years about building an engineering team, about building a company, and about myself. Over five years, we’ve grown Green Bits from three guys working out of a small business center in San Jose to over ninety employees and the number one point-of-sale in our industry.

It’s time for me to go. Here’s why.

Why would I leave the company I co-founded, that’s still growing, and that’s the dominant leader in our market?

To be honest, it’s pretty simple, we’ve built an amazing team.

As I’ve watched and helped the team grow over the last few years, I’ve found myself able to delegate more and worry less about the day-to-day operations. I was on-call and on notice 24/7 in case there was any sort of production issue, but problems get solved without me ever having to be notified or involved.

On a personal growth level, I’ve always known that Green Bits wasn’t going to be the finish line. I always knew I had more to do, more businesses to start, and more people to help. With this in mind, and as the Green Bits team became more and more self-sufficient, I was able to focus on what I wanted to do next.

What is next?

If you’ve followed any of my content this year you will know that there is no lack of projects and goals I want to achieve. Some of these projects and goals I’ve been able to talk about publicly, and others I have not.

I’m planning to focus on my real estate investing alongside building The Financial Illiterates brand. I’ve also been advising a young company that I think has huge potential. I want to get more involved and this move will enable me to do just that. I also have another software product in a completely new realm that I’m extremely excited about working on. (More info on this coming soon…)

Lastly, I’m not rich. I’ll be taking a day-job that enables me to work on these other projects while still offering some opportunity to grow my skills in business and engineering.

Farewell, but not good-bye

I’m leaving Green Bits as an employee, but I’m still heavily invested emotionally and financially in the success of Green Bits. I hope to continue a regular relationship with the friends I’ve made here, and hope I can continue to provide value towards the ultimate success of the company.