The purpose of this post is two-fold

  1. I want to explain to my coworkers why I’ve made this decision and
  2. To show those of you who “follow” me (Instagram, Medium, YouTube, etc.) that taking what the world views as a “step backwards” isn’t really a step backwards.

The last 4+ years have been insane

  • I co-founded a company
  • I had two kids

In this time, the company I co-founded has grown from 0 to 80+ employees and serves 1,000+ dispensaries across the United States. And on top of raising two boys, being a good husband, and growing this company, I’ve been on my own journey in self-awareness.

What I discovered

Throughout this journey, I began to feel like I wasn’t spending my most of my days doing what I loved. I was doing things that were important and helped grow the business, but not things that I enjoyed or loved doing e.g. coordinating teams, writing process documentation, and various other “non-creative” tasks.

In my journey for self-awareness, I learned that I love creating.

How I made a change

Recently, I have been coordinating with many of my talented coworkers at Green Bits to “hand off” most of my responsibilities as CTO so that I can spend more time creating.

Starting today, I am officially stepping down as the CTO of Green Bits and will be spending more time focused on creating and paving the way for the future of Green Bits’ technology.

Why I’m doing this

Because I want to create more.

The CTO position was always intended to be a visionary on the technology side. In Green Bits’ case, we are lucky to have a CEO that used to be a CTO and can successfully be a visionary for the direction of the business, product, and technology. Because of this, the role of the CTO is much less needed and, in my opinion, could potentially cause more harm than good. I get the question of whether we will hire a new CTO and the short answer is: no, not right now. Maybe we will one day, maybe we won’t.

“Isn’t this a step backwards?”


In the engineering world, there are two tracks you can take:

  1. Managerial or
  2. Individual contributor. What I’m doing is switching my track from managerial to individual contributor, which is an extremely common move for startup CTOs. And since I will be doing what I love, I 100% see this as a step forward.

“Does this mean you are planning on leaving?”


I love what we’re building at Green Bits.

I truly believe Green Bits will be the biggest name in the cannabis software space in the next 3 years. We’ve curated an incredible and driven team and are continuing to bring on amazing people that continually level us up as a business.

I’ll be here for the foreseeable future. I’ll just be focused on something different and hopefully provide even more value to the business.

As always, I’m here for anyone that has questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts (both co-workers and everyone else).

If I’m doing what I love, nothing else matters.

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