This is the first time a birthday of mine has really felt different. I’ve been chewing on this birthday for weeks now. I feel like it’s a real turning point for me. I feel like practice time is over and it’s time to get on it. I think one of the biggest things that’s been bothering me is the simple fact that I just said that practice time is over. I’m frustrated and annoyed with myself for not going all in on my 30 years so far.

I’m in no way saying that I haven’t accomplished anything. I’m CTO of a great company with an amazing team. I’m the father of two amazing boys and the husband of the best wife in the world. But, I’ve also not put everything I could into my time.

I’ve started following Gary Vaynerchuk recently and put a lot of his practices into play and have had a taste of what all in feels like, it’s so much more intense and satisfying than what I’ve done before.

This, right here, is my commitment to myself to go all in on my next 30 years. I don’t want to feel like I haven’t done enough, I don’t want to have regrets. So, let’s do it. I’m done not being fully committed. I’ve figured out how to say what my goal is, now let’s go and do it.

Alright enough ranting. Seriously though, I’m in an amazing place at 30. There are a few people that are the reason I’m here.

First, my parents. Literally the best parents possible. I respect them both so much, my dad’s commitment to his family and putting it above everything else, like nothing you could imagine. And my mom for starting her own business, she had a dream forever and all her life had been told she can’t do it. You know what? She’s doing it.

Second, my wife. Kimmy, is the most supportive wife anyone could have. I’m working all the time, travelling a ton, always stressed and talking about work, and all she does is tell me to go get it, do what it takes. The best, seriously the best.

Third, Ben. He’s my co-founder and CEO right now, but he was also my first employer when I was starting my career. I remember to this day, when I was driving with him in my very early days at that first job he said “You could be a CTO of a startup by the time you are 30”. That quote has been a driver for me the last 9 years, and he’s been an amazing mentor in so many ways.

Lastly, anyone who ever doubted, who ever said I couldn’t do it. I’d like to thank you and ask you to keep it coming.